flexible bulk parts feeders


Flex Factory ITS Parts Automation Partner

Flexible bulk parts feeders with vision systems for robotic manipulation and recognition. Works with your current robots or we can supply parts feeding robots.

Fanuc - Robot with Flex Feeder

Perfect for small, complex, and delicate parts that need to be fed with flexibility and precision. Handles multiple parts with no downtime for changeover. Works well with parts that change frequently.

We service and program all makes and models of robots

FlexFactory - Product Line

Features and Options:

  • Integrates with your current robots
  • Six models handles parts from 15 to 110 mm
  • Suitable for all robots and applications
  • Automatically recognizes and corrects part orientation
  • One button, quick-empty mechanism
  • Quick change feed plates
  • Integrated bulk storage bin
  • Gentle parts handling
  • Turnkey Solutions

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