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Weiss ITS Parts Automation Partner

Weiss develops and produces mechatronic drive modules and subsystems for rotation, indexing, positioning, and transport of parts for automation systems.

    • Ring Indexers
    • Rotary Indexers
    • Linear Assembly Systems
    • Servo Pick & Place
    • 4 Year Warranty
Fast Cycling LS Linear Assembly Systems

Fast Cycling LS Linear Assembly Systems

Combines a rotary indexing table with a transfer system, (cam drive and belt system). This leads to a radical reduction of transport times and absolutely jerk free – at up to 60 cycles/minute.

Weiss - Rotary Indexer

TC Rotary Indexing Table

Our electro-mechanical TC range has legendary reliability with exceptionally robust quality.

Weiss - Rotary Index Table

CR Heavy Duty Rotary Indexing Table

Flat heavy-duty ring with a large central opening. A real powerhouse. Freely programmable.

Weiss - Ring Indexer

TR Rotary Indexing Ring

Rotary indexing ring with a very large central opening, extremely flat design, and a high level of parts accuracy. The ring-shaped design allows extra free design space.

HP Pick & Place

HP Pick & Place

Pick & Place modules work with two linear axes and derives all the benefits and advantages of a direct drive. This includes rapid dynamic performance, free user-programmability, minimal wear and the highest precision. 

Four Year Warranty

All Weiss products come with a four-year extended warranty.

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